Skin without compromise


Do you want the secret to keeping young skin young?

So Nuxe, the Floral Neuro-Cosmetic experts have delivered again, having discovered new revolutionary ingredients for their first expression line care: Nirvanesque. The original Nirvanesque cream was composed of three key floral extracts that helped to reduce skin stress and as such help reduce the weakening of areas of skin affected by facial expression. These were Poppy Seeds, Althea Root and Blue Lotus Seeds; together these worked to produce a botox like effect while Musk rose oil hydrated and created radiant looking skin. It was beginners anti-ageing care.

So what has changed, only the addition of a new patent pending ingredient: Tree Peony Root. The cream now not only acts to de-stress the skin, it also actively relaxes the skin. It does this by prolonging the life of a type of molecule in our body called enkephalins or the “well-being” molecule.

So I tried the product myself and what did I find? Along with yet another ground breaking discovery from Nuxe laboratories you also get the texture, scent and experience of a luxury product. There is no compromise, this product delivers in both effectiveness and indulgence. Your guarantee? First expression lines are instantly smoothed and visibly diminished, as well as smoother, softer skin and a younger complexion.

Written by Robyn

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