How can LloydsPharmacy help patients make the process of taking their medication safer?

askthepharmacistThis is always a concern for healthcare professionals. Recent reports in the media have highlighted research that has shown that over 17,000 hospital admissions each year in Ireland can be attributed to medication problems.
{Irish Independent-Sept 7th, 2013}

These can range from allergic reactions, interactions between medications, incorrect use of medications and failure to take certain medication regularly or at all.

·         Always make sure you know why you are taking each medication you have been prescribed. Check with your GP and do not be afraid to ask questions if you are concerned about any of your medications.

·         At LloydsPharmacy you can ask your pharmacist to explain what your medication is being used to treat, how to take it correctly and they can address any problem you have by liaising with your GP. They can also keep a record of any allergies you have to a particular drug.

·         Your LloydsPharmacy pharmacist can help you manage your medication by using a MyMed pill organiser and they can advise on different forms of a drug.  For example; if you have difficulty swallowing a tablet it may be available in a liquid form.

·         We can also help with the cost of your medication by providing a generic equivalent of your medication where appropriate.

There are many services that your LloydsPharmacy pharmacist can provide, free of charge. Call in and ask to speak to your pharmacist who can help you manage your medication and keep you healthy and safe.

Written by Garrett

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