Are you afraid of Makeup?

Over the years I have noticed that there are a lot of women who are afraid of makeup!! Yes some grown women are actually terrified of the stuff!!!

The usual reasoning behind this phenomenon:

  • Makeover gone wrong!(perhaps the makeup artist didn’t listen to what you wanted)
  • Sensitive to a product in a particular brand, (perhaps the consultant sold you the wrong product for your skin type)
  • Not sure how to use the product?
  • Wasting money on the wrong product!

However I am here to help you!!

I will start off with a product that is really, really simple and quick to use.
For a natural day time look!!

bbBeauty Balm Cream 

  1. Who can use it?! Anyone who wants a light coverage!!
  2. How to apply it?! After you cleanse, moisturise with a damp sponge however I prefer my hand!!

My favourite discovery recently for a lady on a budget is Rimmel BB cream(SPF 25)

  1. Ideal for holidays, walkers, joggers, Mum’s on the school run, students or any busy lady.
  2. I tried and tested it recently while having a swim down in the 40 foot, and it worked great.

Written by Michelle

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