Skincare Hero of the Month – Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream

Having heard a lot lately about the benefits of using a night cream as opposed to a standard moisturiser each night, I recently decided to test the theory with the recently launched Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream, €29.99. trilogy

Being naturally cynical, I read up about the product and how it has additional benefits that a standard face cream wouldn’t have which focuses on nourishing and regenerating the skin as we rest.

The theory behind the product is that night time is the ideal time to give the skin a chance to restore itself leaving you with silky smooth skin each morning with the help of the trademarked Trilogy Rosapene Oil.

While I wasn’t sure whether I would find any benefit from the product, I started using it daily – each night after cleansing my skin before heading off to sleep.

I immediately noted how rich and silky the cream was on application and the smell was simply divine.

The following morning I expected my skin to feel the same as it would every morning but I was very pleasantly surprised. My skin was still really soft and silky to touch as if I had only applied the cream even though I had applied it the night before!

I’m a sucker for trying different products but I usually get bored quickly and move onto something else but I have completely incorporated this product into my skincare regime.

I recently went abroad without it and instantly noticed how dry my skin was by not having it at hand to put on before bed…  And since that moment on I have lived happily ever after with my Rosapene Night Cream which is why it’s my Skincare Hero Product!

Written by Ruth

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