Weight-loss 2014: Week 1

DeeOne week into my healthy eating diet along with taking XLS Medical Fat Binder and I have lost 3.5lbs, I am very happy with this result. I have made a lot of changes food wise, I am drinking up to 2 litres of water a day and eating a lot more fruit and veg, I have also been bringing my lunch into work, being prepared is definitely a help. I have cut out white bread and coke completely and have drastically reduced my chocolate intake; a little of what you fancy does you good.

I am taking 2 tablets after each meal (do not exceed this dose) and I have not experienced any side effects at all, as XLS is a fat binder I was a little worried about side effects.

This week I am going to start going for walks to help with the weight-loss and hopefully will see a similar weight-loss next week.


20140106_141627So week 1 of taking the LipoExit is over, and through no fault of LipoExit I have lost 1lb but I have had a good 3 day weekend. Now in week 2 I am all set and raring to go and more determined to work with LipoExit and my healthy diet for the week to come.

With LipoExit I have to take 2 tablets at lunchtime and 2 tablets with my dinner. LipoExit used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise can help to lose weight, detox, burn fat, curb cravings and maintain energy levels.

Hopefully I will see better results next week.


20140106_142220Week one done and dusted and I’m really pleased to say I’ve lost 7lbs! What I like about the Raspberry Ketones is that I only have to take 1 capsule twice a day, 1 before breakfast and 1 before lunch, this has been of benefit to me because I would very rarely eat breakfast and would end up eating junk later on in the morning. Now I’m not hungry until lunchtime.  I also find I have a lot more energy throughout the day.

So far week 1 has been challenging at times, I have cut out drinking fizzy drinks, eating white bread and crisps which I love (I’m definitely a savoury girl). But the 7lb weight loss has definitely made the challenge worthwhile. Bring on week 2!

One Happy Viv

PS Also 1 week off the cigarettes today 🙂


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