Quitters’ Update Saturday: Week 1

Hi again everyone.  Welcome to the 3rd Blog Post in our Quitters’ series.  Today we’re going to hear how Lyndsey has been getting on this week, after I finish hogging the limelight that is 😉

naomi bookSo me first:  I’m almost a week into quitting and it’s getting tougher, I don’t mind saying.  Who would have thought that giving up smoking would make me look and feel so unhealthy?!  There are lots of withdrawal symptoms; there’s no point hiding this from anyone thinking about quitting.  Just today, I’ve a really bad headache, a very sore cough, a head-cold and my skin is in tatters with acne and dryness developing.

(Okay Naomi, this blog is supposed to be encouraging people to quit – what are you doing?!)

Well, I’ve chosen to be positive about all these irritating side-effects.  They are each a sure sign that my body is changing, that quitting is having an effect.  This is good!  And of course these symptoms won’t last forever.  Added to that, there have been some good side-effects – I’m already enjoying improved taste and though my skin is showing distress, it still feels cleaner.  So, I’m feeling optimistic!

The weekend will be tough on all of us bloggers; we’re all dreading it!  I survived one night at a gig this week and didn’t even miss not smoking but I was distracted by a very awesome band.  It won’t always be so easy.  So I’ll be bringing my trusty Nicorette Inhaler (which I officially LOVE) with me everywhere I go over the weekend’s festivities!  I’m also going to take the advice that so many ex-smokers have given me and make sure I read this book over the weekend – Allen Carr’s ‘Easy Way To Stop Smoking’ seems to have worked for almost everyone I know who has read it  I’ll let you guys know next week!!

Enough of me – let’s check in with today’s featured quitter…

Lyndsey, manager of our branch on Main St, Blanchardstown, Age 27

Still smoke-free?  YES!!

‘Hey Everyone,lyns

Still smoke-free since last Wednesday!

So far so good with the Nicorette patches. I do find myself rubbing my arm now and again when I get a craving, as if it will help the nicotine get into me quicker, ha, ha!!

I’m trying not to think about smoking, but I end up thinking about smoking, and then when I do forget about it I suddenly remember that I’m forgetting about smoking… It’s a viscous circle!!

I find the hardest part is NOT having a smoke while driving. I spend over an hour getting to and from work and would have reached for my smokes at the side of the door so I’m really struggling with this.  To tackle it, I bought a bunch of grapes and put them where I normally put my smokes, so I feel reaching for the grapes keeps my hands busy :-).

It’s hard to say how I’m really feeling as it’s still early days. I’m not going to lie; I really, really miss them 😦

I don’t think I’m that much of a demon mood-wise…. although the Hubby might disagree :-).

On the plus side I can definitely get used to my clothes not smelling of smoke.  And the reaction from family, friends and colleagues has been great.  I know some of them are waiting on me to fail (!) but that just makes me more determined to stay smoke-free.

Every day I get a text from my Mam saying…….  “WELL?”….  and it feels so great writing back, “still not smoking”. To which she replies “GREAT VERY PROUD OF U”.

It’s nice having this Quitters’ Blog to know how everyone else is affected, in both good and bad ways. Picking up little tips to get over the cravings is also helpful. So I’d recommend maybe buddying up with someone or joining our blog. No one wants to be the first to break!

That’s all for this week but best of luck to all the quitters and I’ll blog to you soon.



Thanks Lyndsey!!

What a great update!  And we’re so glad you’re finding the blogging useful too.  For our readers, please feel free to share your own advice and stories with us.  The variety of hints & tips I’m getting in this office is baffling – I need to test them all out and decide for sure what’s going to help!  Please let us know what helped you or what information you’d like us to include.

Have a smoke-free weekend everyone!!


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