Quitters’ Update Tuesday: Week 2

Hi everyone.  Naomi back again.  We’re one week into our Quitters’ Blog series and it feels so good to have the first weekend done with!  I for one found it surprisingly stress-free.  My house-mate and fellow quitter were just talking about how our cravings are getting much easier to deal with.  And already, our sense of smell and taste has much improved.  This really makes me more determined to see this through!  Like I promised, I did bring my Nicorette Inhaler to the pub over the weekend and I did use it in the Smoking Garden.  And you know, it worked wonders!

optransBefore we hear Alison’s update, I would be remiss not to mention Operation Transformation, airing tonight on RTE 1 at 8.30pm.  I’ve been following leader Sarah’s story, which tonight will be of particular interest to us quitters as she focuses on giving up smoking.  Make sure you tune in!

Also, in conjunction with the show, this coming Thursday 23rd January is National Blood Pressure Awareness Day.  Free Blood Pressure testing will be taking place at selected locations throughout the country.  But did you know, LloydsPharmacy offers free Blood Pressure Measuring all year round at each of our branches?  Smoking is one of the main risk factors in developing Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and High Blood Pressure (Hypertension).  Why not measure your Blood Pressure in conjunction with your quitting plan?  You should see vast improvements as your body returns to normal.

Let’s check in with Alison on how her first week went:

Alison, Manager LloydsPharmacy Raheny, Age 31

Still Smoke-Free?  Yes! (apart from one tiny hiccup!)

Hi again everyone!

alison cropWell I stopped smoking on Jan 13th and things had been going really well.  I will be honest though; I did have one tiny little cigarette and loved every bit of it but I felt bloody awful after having it…  it was guilt really!

I’ve been using Niquitin CQ 21mg 24hr patches and up until my tiny little cigarette, I really was finding them great!

I do feel a great deal better now that I’m back on the wagon… much more energy. I’m going for a walk during my lunch every day and I’m eating much better than I used to.  If you asked anyone that knows me they will tell you how weird it is to hear the words ‘exercise’, ‘healthy-eating’ and ‘Alison’ altogether!!

I feel so rested in the morning when I wake up. It’s also great to go to bed at night and not have that horrible feeling that you don’t have enough cigarettes for the next morning. It’s definitely getting easier…I see it more now of a habit than an addiction which makes it easier to deal with!! The reaction from family, friends and colleagues has been great and they are offering so much support. I know I will be mailing you next and I will not have had any cigarettes!!

Wish me luck!


Well done Alison!!

I love this update from Alison.  She may have cracked and had one sneaky cigarette, and indeed she enjoyed it!  But she got back on the horse and feels better for it.  This is important for us all to remember.  It might take more than one attempt to quit but you can become a non-smoker if you keep trying!

We’re back on Thursday with updates from our other bloggers.  Keep the comments coming and please share your own stories with us!


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