Weight-loss 2014: Week 2

So week two using Raspberry Ketones….

20140106_142220Start of the week I was well on track feeling good there was no reason to be missing out on the lovely fresh rolls or batch bread when BANG!! the weekend…

How the hell was I going to cope with no alcohol for the second week running and a lovely dinner out with good friends on the Sunday? Well I didn’t tear my hair out and I found a lovely wine that was only 60 calories! I sipped on two glasses and was quite content. Dinner was a great success, soup for starters (no bread roll), and a baked potato, veg and beef for my main meal. It goes to show that it’s still possible to have a great day out and still lose weight!

Whoop, Whoop, 3lbs down so in total 10lbs altogether! Looking forward to week three when our lovely Noeleen and I buy ourselves a hula hoop watch this waist!!!!!

Slimming out,


P.S Two weeks of the smokes 🙂


20140106_141627Well I’ve just finished my second week of using LipoExit and I’m feeling positive! I’m 2lbs down on last week, (even after a great night out on sat) which is not bad at all. So far I’m happy with my progress, my focus for the coming week is to up my exercise and buy myself a hula hoop to get the waist back.

I must say its great having the support of my work colleagues. It really helps to exchange ideas and recipes and to be part of a group our very own little Operation Transformation. Anyone out there looking to join us, call in to LloydsPharmacy, The Mill Shopping Centre Clondalkin, you will be very welcome.

That’s it for now!



DeeWell that’s week 2 over and I’m down another 2lbs! I’m feeling happy with that loss. Started back at my walking and wow am I unfit! However I’m definitely feeling better for doing them, I’ve even brought my mams dog out a few times too. My plan from now on is to do a 30 minute walk 5-7 days a week.

I’m having serious chocolate cravings this week and it didn’t help when a big box of Lily O’Brien chocolates arrived into the Walking with Benjishop, but good old Viv has them hidden so we can be saved from temptation!

I find mandarin oranges are great for satisfying the sweet cravings. Being organised is half the battle I find, most days when I’m making dinner I make a little bit extra and that does me for my lunch in work the next day and keeps me away from the temptation in the shops.

So here’s to week 3 of my weight-loss journey with the XLS Medical Fat Binder.


P.S. I’m being given a hula hoop too, so watch this waist! 😉

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