Weight-loss 2014: Week 3


Loss to date: 11 lbs

As I write my week 3 blog I’m feeling a little deflated, not in weight loss, but rather because I was very bold over the weekend when it came to my eating choices. I ate crisps, I drank Bacardi (so nice) and I ate Pringles (I don’t ever eat Pringles!!). However, it’s a new week and I’m back on track! Not organising my meals in advance seems to have led to my very brief downfall so I’ve made sure to have my lunch and dinners planned for the week.

Only down 1lb thanks to my bad habits at the weekend but on the positive side here’s to week 4.

P.S I’m now 3 weeks of the smokes!



Loss to date: 6.5 lbs

Well into my fourth week and I have to say I found week 3 really challenging, the chocolate cravings were bad!!!! No amount of fruit would satisfy the craving so I ended up having a really bad night on Friday, chocolate wise. Surprisingly enough despite the Friday night choc binge I was still lost 1lb.

I haven’t been great with the walking either, didn’t get as many walks in as I hoped to but this week has been much better!

It is really great doing this weight-loss blog with Vivienne & Noeleen as we can all support each other on a daily basis and I do find that it’s easier to follow a healthy diet in work. However, it’s when I am home in the evenings or weekends I find it hard, so I’ve decided to re-join my local slimming club just for that extra support outside work.

Its only 5 weeks to my Holidays and I want to lose at least 1 stone.

This week I am determined to get 5 walks in and not forget to take my tablets (oops!).




Loss to date: 4 lbs

So that’s week 3 using LipoExit down and I’ve lost another 1lb. People say that it’s not a great result but my weight is all going in the right direction so I’m happy.

I love my hula hoop and I’m really feeling the burn on my waist! I have also decided from here on in I’m going to have a fruit only day once a week to help speed things up, so fingers crossed. It’s important to drink plenty of water to and I must say I need to improve on that also.



chrisBetter late than never! That’s what they say; coincidentally it seems to be my motto at the moment when it comes to my New Year’s resolutions. Rather than starting the year and breaking my resolutions instantaneously, I’ve decided to start NOW with my February Focus – weight loss.

Clichéd as it may seem to vow to lose weight; my body is telling me to do it regardless. As a busy father who spends most of his time sitting or driving (my wife up the walls!), my circumstances point to an inevitable slide towards weight gain; and so it is proving. My excuses of not having shifted the baby weight since we had our baby last February have never been believed and with good reasons (especially biological ones)!

Being 6ft 4 leads a lot of people to say “Oh you carry your weight well” or “Men your height should weigh what you do” – these comments are nice and dangerous in equal measure! My BMI has led the Nintendo Wii, when gently stepped on by yours truly, to stop just short of saying, “One at a time please!”

I’ve lost weight and yo-yoed before but this time it’s different; I’m armed with not only a brand new iPad to allow me to research the best foods to eat but also with XLS Medical Fat Binder, one of the most talked about weight loss aids around.

These tablets will make the difference for me this time, giving me reassurance that if I do stray into the direction of foods of slightly higher fat content that much of this fat won’t be absorbed. So the leaflet says. Sounds good, but the proof will be on the low fat, low GI pudding!

Let’s see how I get on….. Wish me luck!

Now where did I put the Ryvita?



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