Quitters’ Update Thursday: Week 3

naomiHappy Thursday everyone!  Almost at our third weekend of quitting and it’s getting so much easier… well, kind of.

I had another real test this week, much harder than a night out.  A personal upset got me more than a little bit stressed out and I almost cracked.  I was full sure I HAD to have a cigarette, and what’s more that I deserved it; for all my good work so far and for having been upset.  It was tough but I had to talk sense into myself.  What was I thinking, using a cigarette as some kind of treat to make myself feel better?    I knew if I could pass this test, I’d feel so much better.  And I did!  Pat me on the back.

So what’s today’s picture about?  This is my Smoking Advice Card, an element of our Smoking Control service.  This tracks my progress, how I’m feeling and allows me to record how much money I’ve saved (which is now €92!).  In David’s update today you’ll see how important SUPPORT is in quitting.  I’m very lucky to have the support of my housemate and my boyfriend, which means I haven’t been tempted to smoke.  I couldn’t have come this far without it.

Remember our last update when we spoke about support; Dr Alan Curley told us at our training session this week that quitters are TWICE as likely to be successful with 1-2-1 coaching and support.  If you’re thinking about quitting, you should strongly consider signing up to a free service such as our Smoking Control Service, AND making sure that your family, friends and colleagues are going to be there to support you when you’re weak.

Let’s see how David has been getting on since last week.

David, Teacher, Aged 33

Still Smoke-free?  Kind of…

Blog 3 – Healthier than a teenager!

dave‘Three weeks in and two slip-ups later and I’m (pretty much) still off those filthy cigarettes! ‘“Pretty much? ” you ask. Sadly this is the case as I am not completely off them at this stage.

Monday to Friday went fine and then, just like last week, a few cheeky drinks and my resolution goes out the window nearly as fast as my Nicorette patch gets flung in the bin. I met up with a group of old friends to catch up and relive our college days and before you know it we’re all out the back door puffing away.

Funnily enough though, this is the exact sort of thing we used to do fourteen years ago when we were all teenagers. At the time we were unhealthy students. We smoked cigarettes and drank endless coffees so as to not eat food and to while away the hours. Now none of us smoke – I’m the most recent quitter – and we are all healthier and skinnier.

I realise that this is a blog discussing the benefits of quitting however surely one cheat night a week for the time being is allowed? Answers on a postcard please…

The rest of the week was fine. I don’t miss them at work and whilst I find myself munching and snacking away a lot more than I used to during the evening, life continues to move on. I’m still flat broke after Christmas so have not really noticed more change in my pocket, however I suppose it’s fair to say that I’d be more broke if I was still smoking!

This coming weekend I have the Hell and Back race to keep me out of trouble and it is one of the strategies I used to stop me from smoking. During training it definitely makes a big difference to be able to grab a big lungful of air rather than wheeze and cough and feel like I’m choking. The patches are still working great and as I have made putting on a patch part of my morning routine there have been no grumpy episodes in the past week (much to the relief of everyone who spends time with me!)

Best of luck to all the other quitters,


Thanks David.  Keep trying!

You can see how important it is that you try as much as possible to limit your risk of slipping.  Some things are obvious; get rid of the ashtrays and lighters, throw away all your cigarettes, etc.  But it’s also important to have a plan for events likely to end up in you cracking.  David might benefit from using the Nicorette Inhaler when he’s socialising for instance.

If you have any more tips, please let us know.  We’re back on Saturday to check up on Lyndsey’s progress.

Chat soon,



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