Quitters’ Weekend Update Week 3

Happy Weekend everyone!!

knitAnother test for us quitters lies ahead as we nervously await the temptations of dinners out and trips to the pub.  For me, the Nicorette Inhaler has been an absolute must when facing social events.  Even though very few of my friends smoke, I’m still used to the odd trip to the beer garden and feel a bit cheated if I miss it.  Alcohol seems to go hand-in-hand with smoking for me.  I don’t know if that’s habit or need or genuine enjoyment.  Whichever way, the inhaler is helping me not to crack.

Wish us luck!

So, what’s with today’s picture?

Well, myself and my house-mate/fellow quitter have been finding we are really, really BORED in the evenings.  Now it’s not as if we spent all evening smoking beforehand.  We are just acutely aware that something is missing so it feels like there’s time to fill all of a sudden, time we spend thinking about smoking!  So we’ve decided to take up a new hobby, one that gives us something to concentrate on, to aim for and keeps our hands occupied.  She’s learning to crochet and I’m taking up knitting again.  Apparently it’s hip again.  Someone let me know if that’s true; I’ve never quite figured out how to be hip!

A lot of ex-smokers have been talking to me about DISTRACTION.  And I understand exactly what they mean.  When the cravings come, the key is to distract yourself with something else; hopefully for me it will be knitting.

Think about it; if someone in your workplace yelled ‘FIRE’ when you were about to head out on your cigarette break, would you wait and have your cigarette before running to safety?  Of course you wouldn’t.  The craving would be less important than getting out of a burning building; it goes away because something else is more important to you.  Give your brain something else to think about…  It’s working for us anyway!  I know of course that knitting is not quite a fire in the office… but you get me, right?!

Let’s check up on how the lovely Lyndsey has been getting on since last week…

Lyndsey, Manager LloydsPharmacy Blanchardstown, Aged 27

Still Smoke-Free?  YES!!

Hi everyone,

lynI know the withdrawals are getting easier to handle because I haven’t cracked even though I’ve had a mental week. As you can see from the picture I’m literally pulling my hair out!!!  🙂

This week’s positive point for me was…….

With the weather being pants, not having to stand out in the rain and cold for a smoke has been brilliant.

I find my appetite has increased; I feel hungry more often than usual. I’ve tried to be good bringing my healthy lunch to work, saving me being bold in the shop and coming back with a bag of goodies.

Next week I’m going to try drinking more water as everyone is saying it will help suppress hunger. At this point I’ll try anything before I end up like Ten Tonne Tessie.

This week’s killer is the headaches. I never suffer from headaches so I’m blaming giving up smoking for this. It feels like an elephant sitting on my head 😦  At this point the only thing that will help is a sugar rush, but it’s better than a smoke rush.

Oh to end on an awesome note…..  🙂

Earlier on this week I went to the Garage to fill up the car. When I was paying the girl she automatically said to me “twenty John Player blue?” I was like “eh what!!  Yea!!  Oh no thanks”. She looked at me confused.  I told her “I’m off them” she replied “fair play”!

I got back into the car a little shocked that even the girl in the garage knew my routine, but then I thought how good it just felt saying “I’m off them”

So as you can imagine I’m driving to work smiling like a Cheshire cat (he he)!

Bye for now, blog you all soon.

Smoke free,


Well done Lyndsey!!  You’re doing so well x

Lyndsey’s updates always leave a smile on my face!  She’s just so positive and honest.  It’s all the little victories that keep you going – like telling that shop assistant you’ve given up or boasting to your friends and family about your blog (yes, that’d be me…).  But support and encouragement really helps in this effort.  So keep it coming everyone!

Have a smoke-free weekend 🙂

Chat soon,



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