Weight-loss 2014: Week 4

20140106_142220So Week 4 is upon us and I’m so glad I started my Raspberry ketones and healthy eating plan in January as it’s starting to pay off, I have reached my first stone. That means I’ve lost a further 4lbs this week (WHOOP WHOOP).

I have to say I notice it more in my uniform so I think I’ll wear it all the time. 😉

Really determined to keep going and my goal is to lose another stone. This day also marks my fourth week off those dirty smokes 🙂



DeeWell, where do I begin?

I’m 2lbs down this week and I am really happy with that. When it came to temptation I found this week was not too bad, it is definitely about being prepared every day.

I have to say I am enjoying making all the healthy dishes especially stir fries, so easy and quick, I also make enough for my lunch in work the next day helps avoid the temptation of the shops.

I am finding taking the 6 XLS-Medical fat binder tablets tough, mainly because I keep forgetting to take them during the day. However, I do remember to take them with dinner each evening. I am going to make much more of an effort to remember this week.

I’m still out walking, well when it’s not gale force winds and torrential rain… any excuse 😉



20140106_141627Well I really did not want to update my blog this week, because I’m stuck at the same weight I was last week. That means I lost nothing this week 😦

To make sure this doesn’t happen again I’m going to have to make a few adjustments to my diet plan.

I got no exercise this week as I was laid up with tendonitis, I know it’s no excuse but there you go that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I’m still taking my LipoExit twice daily and I’m going to work a bit harder this week



chrisOops I did it again… Not a reference to a 90’s (or was it 00’s) pop classic, but to my best-intentioned but stuttering start to the new me!

The Nintendo Wii Fit does not lie. My weight loss this week was zero. This could be construed as a disastrous start, and believe me I’m not delighted about it, but it could’ve been worse.

I’ve been doing a massive amount of driving this week, combined with an overnight stay i.e. no cooking facilities. The temptation to buy cheap, fat-filled bar food was there, and the temptation won out on Friday night. It goes to show that this isn’t going to be easy.

The XLS Medical Fat binder tablets, I believe, are the big reason why my weight was stable and not increased. They are a constant reminder that I am on a mission, and they’re also stopping a lot of that sneaky fat from being absorbed. Very handy when you’re sitting in front of a lovely refreshing pint 😉

Even the thought of cutting back food makes me hungry. If hunger is the best sauce like they say, then I can taste just about every flavour of sauce the Heinz could come up with at the moment. The only way to have success at this game is to be consistent, relentless, disciplined and planned. I know exactly what I’m eating for each meal this whole week, and I did a weekly shop on Sunday to match this. This will stop the “God there’s nothing in the fridge, will we get a take-away?” type conversations from occurring.

I’ve also signed up to some random “track my run” app on my iPhone which promises to log every time I go for a run. It’s up to me to ensure that I feed it with some decent data. Now, where did I put my Nike Air Max’s (do they still make those?).


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