First Aid Kit Essentials

aceKB5yniA fully stocked first aid kit is a must have for every home and workplace.

Injuries can happen anywhere, at any time, and a first aid kit can allow you to act quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation. This can make all the difference in treating both minor and more serious injuries by helping to reduce the severity of the injury, reducing risk of infection and easing the pain of the patient.

As a scout leader myself I never go on a trip without my first aid kit. Thankfully I rarely have needed to use it; it provides great reassurance to me knowing it is close at hand. On the occasions I have used it, it has provided both comfort and treatment to grazed knees, bumped heads and upset children. Sometimes just the sight of one of the leaders charging towards them with the massive green first aid kit is enough to make a child stop crying! This might also be partly due to the lollipops also kept in the kit!

Having a badly stocked first aid kit is of no use; therefore it is important to ensure that your first aid kit is fully stocked with the correct supplies and quantities of these supplies. The Irish Health and Safety Authority recommend the following:


Item Quantity for 1-10 people Quantity for 11-25 people
Adhesive plasters 20 20
Sterile eye pads 2 2
Triangular bandage 2 6
Safety pins 6 6
Sterile wound dressing (10x10cms) 2 2
Sterile wound dressing (13x9cms) 2 6
Sterile wound dressing (28×17.5cms) 2 3
Disinfectant wipes 10 20
Bandage shears 1 1
Examinations gloves 5 10
Sterile water 2 x 20mls 2x500mls
Pocket face masks 1 1
Small burn dressing 1 1
Large burn dressing 1 1
Crepe bandage (7cm) 1 2

Other items that you may also wish to include are:

Medication should NOT be included in workplace first aid kits as first aiders are not permitted to administer medication. The first aid kit itself must be clearly marked as first aid or have a red cross on the box. I would also encourage everybody to take a basic first aid course; it might just save a life!

Written by Liam

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