Revive Active 10 Weeks to Feeling 10 Years Younger: Week 1

fionaHi everyone, my name is Fiona, I have been working for LloydsPharmacy for 9 years and for the last 6 years I was Manager of the Longford Shopping Centre branch but for the last 3 months I have been living a crazy busy but thoroughly enjoyable life. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?? It is for me. I was lucky enough to get the role of Area Liaison for Area 4 (Southern Ireland) and started this new position on the 30th of June. Until that week I didn’t realise how far Longford (where I live) was from Dungarvan or Kinsale. Driving between 1000km and 1200km a week was something I never thought I would be doing.

Four days a week, I am up at 6am and on the road for 7am, the bright sunny summer mornings made this easier. My lifestyle has been turned upside down, but I only have myself to blame for this. I am a very organised person in general but not when it comes to looking after myself. I wouldn’t be a great person to go for a walk on my own, so to motivate myself to exercise I find exercise classes brilliant but unfortunately I have not been to many in the last few months. My eating habits are all over the place too, not bringing my lunch with me and eating in a rush is not good for the body, so I need to look at this too. I have started to become unhealthy and I want to stop this now before the journey back looks too far.


Revive Active 30 Day Pack – €69.95

So this is where Revive Active comes in. 10 days ago, I started taking Revive Active. What do I want from Revive Active? I want to feel healthy again, I want to have the energy that I need to feel healthy and do healthy things. I wouldn’t mind my hair, skin and nails looking better either, what girl doesn’t want this? Revive Active has been recommended by some Doctors to help naturally reduce Blood Pressure, there is a history of high BP in my family, so I am willing to do anything to keep medication at bay.

Honestly I haven’t noticed a whole difference yet, but it is only 10 days. I don’t think I will be running marathons by the next time I write my blog but I am hopeful that I will see improvements.

Chat to you next time,



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