Revive Active 10 Weeks to Feeling 10 Years Younger: Week 2

Hi my name is Bernie and I have been working in LloydsPharmacy Knocklyon for the last 19 years. I started working as a Cosmetics Assistant and about 10 years ago I qualified as a Pharmacy Technician and i am now Assistant Manager.

I have been married for 35 years and have a husband 3 grown up children and a nine month old grandson.

As I am not getting any younger (I am not telling my age) I jumped at the chance of taking the Revive Active Challenge for 10 weeks (well maybe not quite jumped but hopefully I will be after 10 weeks of Revive Active).

I started taking Revive on 24th October 2014 at first I found that it had a bitter taste and took a while to drink it but on the second week I started adding orange squash to it along with the water and I found it a lot easier to take.


Revive Active 30 Day Pack – €69.95

The second day that I took it I found that I was exhausted. I was so tired that I had to go back to bed for an hour as I had a lot on that day. On speaking to the Revive trainer she said that it was detoxing my liver and that’s why I was feeling so tired. Mind you I went to the afters of a work colleagues wedding along with the rest of my colleagues and probably undid the good that the detox had done.

Although it was a late night the night before at the wedding and a lot of dancing I was still awake the next morning at the same time and was as fresh as a daisy and I thought this was great.

By day five I felt very well had more energy and was feeling quite good in my self. At the start of the second week my husband noticed a difference in my mood and that I was in better form and he commented that what ever tablets that I was taking that I should keep taking them.

So day by day I am not tired at all I have more energy and am not stressing over little things. I definitely feel my skin is looking a lot better and softer.

So all in all I have have visitors staying for the weekend have been babysitting my grandson and I am feeling REVIVED (pardon the pun) refreshed and more Active than I have been in a long time.

At this stage now I am looking forward to seeing how I feel after the 10 weeks.

Now I am more confident on recommending Revive Active to the customers and sharing my experiences after taking the Revive Active with them.

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