Revive Active 10 Weeks to Feeling 10 Years Younger: Week 3

My name is Michelle and I’m 41 and I absolutely jumped at the chance to take the Revive Active Challenge; I’ve had an eventful year to say the least! In April of this year I was admitted to hospital with chronic abdomen pain, my appendix burst, I had emergency surgery and I was in hospital for three weeks and back in again twice with related problems, I was on antibiotics and strong pain killers for nearly two months, I was absolutely wrecked.
When I returned to work in July I had a new manager and a serious amount of work to catch up on plus I had a wedding to plan.
Everyone in work was all chat about Revive Active; I tried a few sachets but didn’t start a course of it. I battled with work and fought with myself to get to the gym in the evenings so I could fit into my wedding dress, I had no energy and I still feeling the after effects of being so sick but I had to push myself.
I did fit into my dress and had a great day and a super relaxing honeymoon but came back needing a holiday.


Revive Active 30 Day Pack – €69.95

A week after returning to work I started the revive active challenge, I’ve been taking it for nearly three weeks now, I can definitely notice my energy levels increasing, I work in a very busy pharmacy and we have a high volume of work and demanding customers, normally I would come into work all guns blazing and I would fade in the afternoon, now I feel like my energy levels are consistent. I’m doing three spinning classes a week and I look forward to it, I’m preparing the next day’s lunches and dinners the night before.

I normally find winter hard but I’m full of beans, I really do think the revive active has boost by immune system and helped me return to optimum hair is really shiny and bouncy and my nails feel stronger, I don’t even mind the taste of the revive active anymore, I mix it with either orange squash or coconut milk to keep it healthy.
We met up with friends of my husbands in town at the weekend, they couldn’t believe I was 41.I’m going to seriously consider taking this after I finish the 10 week challenge, seven and a half weeks to go, I’m feeling very optimistic.
Another thing I noticed was spider veins or thread veins that I have on my legs seem to be fading.

Written by Michelle

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