Change Your Health Direction: Week 3

Avril Reilly, Pharmacist in our Governey Square branch, is back this week with an update on how the Change Your Health Direction (CYHD) programme has been progressing in Carlow. The team held an evening event for all their CYHD participants last week – they’d a great turn out in spite of some awful weather. And this week, Avril also shares another fantastic recipe – we’re hungry just thinking about it!!

‘It’s been another great week here with CYHD! As mentioned last week, we held an event in our store for our participants. The evening was all about healthy and simple snacking, aiming to help add diversity to our customers’ diets.

govOn reviewing our customers’ CYHD Diaries, it was obvious that many of them were struggling to have their two snacks during the day and many of them were relying on eating fruit and nuts only. This is a common problem; snacking in between larger meals is something a lot of us aren’t used to, right? But it’s all about keeping your blood glucose levels even throughout the day, helping to maintain a healthy metabolism and manage your food cravings. But it’s important to snack on the right foods at the right times.

For our customer event in Governey Square, we provided a range of tasty snacks for our participants to try. Many of them said that it was a great idea as they were reluctant to buy foods that they had never tasted before in case they didn’t like them! I was really pleasantly surprised to see everybody sampling all that was available & really enjoying it!

We also did tastings of the Heart-Up and Shake-Up, which I’m a massive fan of and from which our customers have been getting great results. The Heart-Up is really nice in Greek-style natural yoghurt – you have to try it!

It was a great opportunity for some of the participants to meet up, share ideas, tips, recipes, to motivate one another and most importantly to feel part of a supported group network. We got fantastic feedback from the attendees. They said that as well as finding it fun and enjoyable, they really learned a lot and feel a lot more confident and motivated to continue on with the CYHD programme! So overall, a great success :).’

gov 3Once again, WOW!!  What we loved about this event was the sharing of ideas and stories, and the support and motivation that comes with knowing you’re not doing this alone. We’re so proud of the whole CYHD crew in Carlow, the participants and our pharmacy colleagues giving such great support.

One of Avril’s snack recipes was a particular hit at last week’s event so she’s kindly agreed to share it with the rest of us!!

Avril’s Tasty Lettuce Wraps


This delicious, protein-packed snack can be prepared in minutes! Just mix the contents of one small tin of pink salmon with a couple of tablespoons of cottage cheese in a bowl & then spoon into lettuce leaves. I used the little gem lettuce but larger lettuce leaves can be used & wrapped around the filling – just use a cocktail stuck to secure it. Another tasty option is to mash an avocado with tinned salmon or tuna & fill the lettuce leaves. Delish!! 🙂

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