What ‘Changing your Health direction’ means to… Goretti Brady, LloydsPharmacy Managing Director

GBHi everyone! My name is Goretti and I have the best job in the world as the Managing Director of LloydsPharmacy, Ireland.
I love this place; I love this Company. Why? Well, where do I start?
I have worked in the Company in one guise or another since 1996. I have worked my way through the system and all along, we have not changed who we are and what we value. Yes, we are bigger and have had a few name changes but our core is unchanged. We love our Customers. We believe and trust in our Colleagues. We are passionate about Health.
And so, our Let’s Get Healthy for Summer programme really excites me. I read the blogs each week and listen to our knowledgeable and motivated colleagues talk about healthy living through diet, exercise, giving up bad habits like smoking and eating acidic food (who knew?!). And you know what? I am blown away. I am learning so much and am passing on the information to family and friends. Through this initiative, we are showing everyone how Pharmacy can help you PREVENT illness as well as provide the traditional, expected treatment of illness. Of course, treatment is core to what Pharmacy is all about, but it is so fulfilling to be at the forefront of preventing many of these illnesses in the first place. And that is what we are doing, right now, in all of our pharmacies…
OK… can you guess which country will be the most obese in the World by 2030? Yes, it’s us! If current trends continue, then Irish men will be at the top of the WHO (World Health Organisation) overweight table (based on 53 countries) matched only by Uzbekistan! 25% of Irish girls, and 16% of Irish boys under the age of 20 years are classed as overweight or obese! These figures compare to a European average of 24%. These figures are stunning.
That is why I am so proud that at LloydsPharmacy we are playing our part in Weight Management and encouraging people to live healthier, more positive lives.
This is what some of our customers and colleagues have said recently about the programme:
“As a pharmacist, I have a genuine passion for all things health and nutrition-related. For the past number of years, I have made considerable effort to educate my customers on how they can make small changes to their diets and lifestyles.” Avril, Governey Sq., Carlow.
“I would whole-heartedly recommend this programme to anyone who wants to make a positive change to their life.” Customer of LloydsPharmacy, Carlow.
“From my experience in advising patients on a healthy lifestyle, I frequently notice that people have misguided perceptions about fats. Through powerful advertising, we have been conditioned to believe that if we want to lose weight, we should avoid fat and choose the low-fat option. These are often not the healthiest option, due to sugar content, and can hinder weight loss.” Catherine, LloydsPharmacy Longford.
“I intend to continue this programme as it is a way of life, rather than a diet.” Customer LloydsPharmacy, Midleton.
“This time, really mean it! You start the year with resolutions and the best of good intentions. But all the hours you had to plan your new start are already occupied doing what you’ve always been doing. You need to get yourself some me-time.” Nichola Flood, our very own nutritional coach and advisor.
And I think that LloydsPharmacy Gorey really sums it up, when they say to “drop by LloydsPharmacy Gorey this summer to have a chat about how you can Change Your Health Direction”
So, ‘Change Your Health Direction’ is live and is working in each of our 87 LloydsPharmacy stores across the country as we help you Get Healthy for Summer. Our Customers tell us that it is changing their lives. They are bringing friends along. As they change their health habits, they are reducing their risk of heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and other weight-related illnesses. Fact!
We would be delighted to welcome you into any of our stores to witness the positive effect we can help you to achieve. Summer is a wonderful time to take the first steps to a New You and we would love to share that experience with you!
Good luck and Thank You to our existing customers; Welcome to our new sign-ups, and advanced welcome to those of you thinking about it…
We can, by all working together, really make a difference!
Take good care,


2 thoughts on “What ‘Changing your Health direction’ means to… Goretti Brady, LloydsPharmacy Managing Director

  1. It really is a great way for everybody of all shapes and sizes to watch what they are consuming and to balance it with exercise. Love this campaign.

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