13 Essential Products For Newborns

Coming home with a newborn (or two!) can be very scary, especially for first time parents. You really have no idea how to look after this little person! In our first 10 months of caring for our lovely daughters, we have tried and tested lots of products for all the little newborn ailments most parents may experience. We have put together a short list of products we used (and still use!) which we think greatly help in the first few daunting months as parents.


In the first few months babies can get frequent colds, as their immune systems are still developing. There are a number of products which help with the various symptoms of the common cold

Sterimar-BabySterimar Nasal Spray – We have used this so much in helping to clear a blocked nose. It is safe to use frequently and causes no discomfort. A nasal aspirator can also be used from birth. It seems quite strange trying to suck anything out of the nose, but it really does work!

snuffbabe-vapor-rubOlbas Oil and Snuffle Babe – These can be used from 3 months. We found it very helpful to put the Snuffle Babe on their chest at night (or before naps) and the oil in some hot (but not boiling) water in the room. They really are very good at maintaining an unblocked nose for long periods of time, without the need to wake a child up and aspirate or spray up their nose. As they say, never wake a sleeping baby! If you don’t like these particular aromatics, the Calpol Vapour Plug-In is very useful too.

Calpol and Nurofen – These are essential to have from 3 months onwards. If your child has a temperature, these are easily to best way to bring it down. Be careful to follow the dosing schedule correctly. These are also great when your baby is in pain with teething.

IMAGES 12Braun Thermometer – It is important to invest in a good thermometer, and we found this one brilliant! It is easy to use, and gives a fast, accurate reading in a few seconds.


Once you have just got to grips with looking after this little person and figuring out their personalities, something else happens: teeth! Some babies can be in visible pain or distress when teething as the teeth break through the gums. Babies start to dribble a lot and produce lots of saliva; they want to chew anything and everything. We found that Sophie the Giraffe was a life saver during this period. In fact, we ended up getting 3 as they used them so much! The Teetha teething granules and Bonjela are also great to ease the pain of teething.


Bathing and Skin

In the early days there is no need to use any bath products on their delicate skin; water and cotton wool should suffice. We found it best to bathe our two about 2-3 times per week. One of our girls had a touch of eczema for several months and we kept it largely at bay with a few products:

Oilatum Junior Emollient – We put a capful in the bath, and it was brilliant at helping to moisturise the skin and rebuild the barrier layer. The skin was noticeably less dry and itchy after each bath.

Lipikar Baume AP – After the bath, we always put this on their skin. You only have to apply it once or twice per day, and the effects are profound and long-lasting. It is suitable for newborns’ skin, and is definitely one of our most used products!


Nappy Rash

Babies’ bums can get very red and irritated due to their delicate skin being exposed to urine. We found La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume to be one of the best at reducing the inflammation. If the skin was very irritated, we would use Bepanthen; it is amazing at clearing a rash overnight. Be sure to put on a good layer; give your baby some “no nappy time” to let their skin breathe, although accidents can happen!


Written by Grainne Rooney & Martin McDaid, LloydsPharmacy Omni Park S.C.


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