TOP 5 NUK baby products from LloydsPharmacy

Hi everyone,

My name is Aoibhe Devlin and I’m the editor of the Travel, Fashion and Family blog over on I write about everything from travelling as a family to fashion tips, baby products to hotel reviews, I have it all covered. I am a mum to a little girl named Lily who is about to turn one. I’ve learned so much since I became a mother and love sharing my tips & tricks on my blog.

Here are my TOP 5 NUK baby products from LloydsPharmacy. All of these products I have used and tried myself with Lily.

NUK NATURE SENSE PERFECT START SET – Available to Buy Here or in your local LloydsPharmacy

This is the perfect all in one kit when you have your new-born. The package is a great first buy and a brilliant gift to any new mother. The teat on the Nature Sense Baby bottles are as close to mother’s breast as ever before. The NUK Nature Sense Starter Set has two NUK Nature Sense 150ml Baby Bottles, two NUK Nature Sense 260ml bottles with two extra NUK Nature Sense Teats and also has a ‘My First NUK’ Genius Silicone Soother/Cover and a NUK Bottle Brush.

This is on offer NOW for only €19.95.

NUK NASAL DECONGESTER FOR BABIES – Available to Buy Here or in your local LloydsPharmacy

In the first few months, Lily was heavily congested and we needed this so much. This NUK decongester is very gentle on your baby’s nose. It extracts mucus to enable your baby to breathe normally. It was so handy and we bought a couple so we were never without one. It came everywhere with us. Something we both highly recommend if your baby is congested.

NUK BABY SCISSORS – Available to Buy Here or in your local LloydsPharmacy

As terrifying as it is to cut your babies nails, they grow so fast. I constantly have to cut her nails so this is so handy. It has rounded tips and an anti-slip soft grip. It’s something I’d recommend getting from birth.

NUK TRIO BOTTLE SET – Available to Buy Here or in your local LloydsPharmacy

NUK Trio Bottle Set has the Anti-Colic Air System which helps prevent colic. They are made to make it easier to be problem-free switching of bottle and breastfeeding with no nipple confusion. Lily took so well to NUK and we are still using NUK bottles, one year later. This set is only €10 and includes three bottles plus two teats so it’s very good value.



NUK BABY HAIRBRUSH COMB SET – Available to Buy Here or in your local LloydsPharmacy

When Lily was born, I hadn’t actually bought a hairbrush so when she had so much hair, it was the first thing I went to buy for her. The baby brush and comb are perfectly suitable for new-borns and can be used every day. It has natural hair bristles so it’s super soft on the scalp. I use on a daily basis.




So there you have it. My TOP 5 NUK products from LloydsPharmacy which are all available in store and online here now.

Aoibhe Devlin

Love Aoibhe xxx

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