9 Tips to Make SPF Your BFF

We all know that the Irish summer can be a whimsical thing and sunshine is never promised. It’s tempting to step out and let your skin soak up the rays at every opportunity, or head overseas to chase the rays, without considering the damage the sun can inflict. You can still achieve the summer look while protecting your skin by following our 9 top tips. Enjoy the sun kissed look and leave the sunburn behind by making SPF your BFF!

Get Bang For Your Buck

If you’re using SPF on your face every day, you might as well choose one that can help with your other issues too. Have dark spots, pick one that contains lightening agents and helps with pigmentation. Have red prone or sensitive skin, choose one with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Avene Mineral Fluid SPF50 is specifically designed for us sensitive types.

Sunscreens For Life, Not Just Summer

Think because you live in Ireland you can skip SPF on rainy days? Na ah! The sun’s damaging effects are still at work, regardless of the weather. Put sunscreen on exposed areas 20 minutes before leaving the house rain, hail or shine. One application a day Parasol Suncare SPF20 is just the ticket.

How Much Is Enough

You should use about a shot glass of sunscreen for your entire body and apply it 20 minutes before going outside as this is approximately how long it takes before your skin is completely protected from UV rays. We recommend a minimum of factor 30 for adults and factor 50 for children. La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF50 Kids Lotion is a popular sunscreen for little ones and also comes in spray form, if preferred.

Choose “Broad-Spectrum”

Always make sure you choose a sunscreen that’s broad-spectrum because this type of sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are the ones that can cause wrinkles, while UVB rays are the ones that can burn. P20 Sun Protection SPF 30 Spray offers 10 hours protection from UVA/UVB.

No, There Is Not Enough SPF In Your Makeup

Don’t be fooled into thinking there is enough SPF in your makeup. You would need to apply 14 times the amount of powder people normally use and the same goes for foundation, unless you want to slather on 7 times as much as you normally would.  Try the newly launched Skingredients Skin Sheild SPF50, it’s a moisturising, non-comedogenic, physical (mineral) filter SPF that provides protection against both UVB and UVA rays, as well as infrared, pollution and the HEV (blue) light emitted by screens.

Fake It… Use Self-Tan For A Golden Glow

The only safe way to tan is to use a self-tan. LloydsPharmacy have a wide selection whether you want a light glow or an ultra dark look. Take your pick from mousses, lotions, graduals, oils, sprays… we’ve got the perfect one for you. Get your glow on here.

Cover Up

When in the sun, try to wear a long-sleeved top and long trousers. Dark clothing with tightly woven fabric blocks more sun than white or loosely woven fabrics. Accessorize with a hat that shades your face, neck, and ears and a pair of sunglasses that have UV absorption.

Sun Sensitising Medication

Be even more cautious if you are taking medications that may make you more sensitive to the sun. these include specific types of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antifungals, blood pressure medications, and chemotherapies.

Keep It Fresh

We all have that leftover bottle of sunscreen from the last trip, but it’s important to start fresh each summer. The active ingredients in sunscreens can lose their potency, so check the expiry date before using it.


Skincare Tips for Eczema Sufferers

Atopic eczema affects 1 in 5 children and 1 in 12 adults, making it the most common form of eczema and one of the most common skin conditions. Its red and dry appearance accompanied by an intense itch makes for a very painful and chronic condition.

Unfortunately, there can be many triggers associated with eczema, which are common and abundant such as: washing detergents, stress, temperature changes, and allergens. When the eczema flares up, it’s important to treat at the first sign of symptoms to prevent any worsening that could potentially end up in bleeding or infection.

Emollients are the mainstay of all treatment for eczema and products include creams, ointments, lotions, bath additives and soap substitutes.  Emollients can help soothe and repair the skin while also reducing the requirement for topical steroids (i.e. medicated creams/ointments) and can also increase the effectiveness of prescribed treatments. Sometimes you may need more than one type, and often people prefer to use a lotion during the day and an ointment at night due their textures. Ideally they should be applied at least twice a day and adults should use approximately 500g while children should use approximately 250g of emollient per week.

skincare banner

Some tips for eczema suffers that I would always recommend are:

  • Don’t stop moisturising when your skin is eczema free – prevention is better than cure!
  • Keep fingernails short.
  • Avoid soap and harsh chemicals in cleaning products.
  • Shampoo that is fragrance free and pH neutral should be chosen (avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulphate).
  • Emollients are best applied straight after a bath/shower.
  • Cotton clothing is the most preferred to avoid irritation.
  • Do not limit your diet if you believe some foods may be causing it before talking to your GP.
  • Aqueous cream should not be used as a leave-on emollient as it has been proven to cause irritation. Instead, it is better as a soap substitute.
  • For those with severe eczema, “wet wrapping” should be considered. This involved applying a generous layer of emollient, which is then covered with a wet cotton bandage.
  • Take extra care during these cool winter months as often, the cold can cause dry skin to become worse.
  • Aveeno® and La Roche PosayLipikar/Cicaplast range are my top recommended emollient products (available from the LloydsPharmacy website-subject to availability) and Doublebase Emollient Gel (available from LloydsPharmacies nationwide- subject to availability).
  • Always contact your GP or local LloydsPharmacist should you find your eczema difficult to manage or if you have any questions regarding your treatment.

Brought to you by Sarah Morris, 4th year pharmacy intern at LloydsPharmacy

14 Festival Essentials for a carefree weekend

So you’ve got your ticket or you’re still working on that ‘plan’ to get one, either way you’re going and you are ready for action. Only pack what you need as you may have to carry your festival ready wardrobe a long distance to where you’re camping. Don’t forget it all has to go back with you after the weekend, well most of it!


La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Tinted Fluid Ultra-Light €19.50

We spend most of our time at festivals outside exploring in the sunshine (fingers crossed) protect your skin with this La Roche-Posay favourite. This tinted, very high facial protection is fragrance free, paraben free and water resistant. Exposure to UV radiation is the number one cause of skin cancer, which is the most common cancer in Ireland, so it is imperative to protect your skin.


Oxylent €30

Oxylent is a pleasant tasting multivitamin that quickly dissolves in water & is designed to support your immune system, reduce fatigue & release energy. This electrolyte-rich drink is the perfect drink to keep you hydrated throughout any event and is a very good idea at the end of a big night out!


Johnsons’s Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes €1.35

What to pack for a festival? Your ticket and baby wipes. THE original multipurpose product.


Batiste Dry Shampoo €1.79 – €4.75

A cult product that needs no introduction. Spritz Batiste Dry Shampoo at the roots of your hair for an instant boost of body and texture. Comes in a handy mini travel size (50ml) and in a range of colours and fragrances.


CB12 Travel Pack

CB12 provides 12 hours of oral protection. This handy travel pack contains oral rinse, boost chewing gum, toothpaste and a travel toothbrush. Perfect to protect your pearly whites!


Mitchum Advance Control Deodorant €3.70

Nobody likes a Sweaty Betty! Mithum provides 48 hours of reliable antiperspirant protection, allowing you to dance the night away, and into the next day.


Nivea Daily Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes €3.45

Glamorous festival glitter is great for an Instagram pic, but not so great for your pores. Nivea Daily Essentials Wipes effectively cleanses your skin, removing make-up and waterproof mascara leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clean.


Medicare Hand Sanitizer €1.95

There is nothing worse than dirty mitts! Medicare hand sanitizer anti-bacterial kills 99.9% of germs. A festival essential for us OCD folk.


Elastoplast Fabric Extra Flexible €4.65

Bumps and bruises are inevitable at festivals. Elastoplast plasters seal the area around the wound to provide optimal protection against infection and the material stretches with the skin’s movements. This can stop a little problem turning into a complete nightmare. Make sure to include plasters, antiseptic cream, throat lozenges, pain relief and a little something for the tummy. Always speak with your LloydsPharmacy pharmacist for advice when purchasing any medicines.


MooGoo Tingling Honey Lip Balm €3.90

Tingling Honey Lip Balm is specially made to speed up the repair of dry and chapped lips. It contains menthol ingredients known for their sterilizing effect to help prevent infection. Its “lemony tingle” is a delish bonus!


MooGoo Cleansing Soap Bars €5.95

MooGoo is your go to festival soap. It mildly removes old oil and grease from the skin, replacing them with pure nut oils and proteins.


Signorina EDT by Salvatore Ferragamo 50ml €29.95

The lack of showers is one huge downfall to festivals but this doesn’t mean you can’t still smell amazing. This fragrance captures the feminine and young Italian style in a cascade of floriental and fruity notes with an unexpected gourmand touch. Spritz daily. (Exclusive to LloydsPharmacy & Harvey Nichols)


Durex RealFeel 12 Pack €18.99

If you do find someone you want to share your tent with, make sure you stay safe! With over 80 years of experience, Durex is trusted by millions of lovers around the world every day. RealFeel condoms are made from a technically advanced non-latex material for a natural skin on skin feeling.


Sally Hanson Airbrush Legs is currently HALF PRICE at €6.97

A favourite among Irish women. Tan in seconds; party for hours!


Pick up all your festival essentials and much more at a LloydsPharmacy near you.