Laura Loves: Summer Beauty Buys

Laura BSun-kissed skin and a whole new style of makeup, Summer is a great season for beauty. If we’re lucky enough to get hotter weather here at home or away on holidays, there’s lot of fun things to try to get Summer ready.

Here are some star buys I will be packing myself…

At home here in Ireland or away on holiday I am a big fan of Anthelios from La Roche Posay. With high sun protection and a transparent finish the sunscreens are perfect for under makeup or worn alone. For this Summer there’s a free cosmetic bag with every purchase from the face range, perfect for any travels that are planned.

LloydsPharmacy are launching their own skin care range. SkinEffect is an affordable range for face, body and hair that has anti-ageing and optimum moisturising ingredients, I see a session stocking up the bathroom might be in order. Prices range from €4.62-€13.30 until May 26th, (RRP €6.90-€19.90).

My approach to Summer tanning is-Go Hard or Go Home. In Winter I like to stick to light shades or a gradual tan, but in Summer I love sun-kissed skin even if I’m very pale. If you can master application there’s no reason you shouldn’t use a darker tan, just avoid the streaks. For May there is a 50% discount on bBold select tans. My choice? The Dark Self-Tan Liquid, €9.49 (RRP €18.99). Easy to apply with a mitt, a liquid dries quickly and lasts up to 7 days. The scent has a floral blend and aloe to moisturise too, a very good tan.

Always in my makeup bag is the Pearlys Teeth Whitening Pen, €16.74 (RRP €24.99). This great pen is used to lift away staining from the surface of the teeth. The Pearlys range has lots on offer to brighten the teeth but the pens, powders and kits are pain free. This month there’s 33% off the Pearly range at LloydsPharmacy.

To avoid extra luggage charges it’s worth considering the sizes of your beauty products before traveling by air. At LloydsPharmacy this month you will find cabin-friendly fragrances at great prices. Beyonce’s Rise is at €13.95/50ml (RRP €22.95, save €9). But if you fancy Summer in a bottle, check out CKin2u for Women, a 50ml EDT costs just €19.99/50ml with a 45% discount. That’s a saving of €18.11, great value.

Still with flying in mind, LloydsPharmacy have an exclusive travel set with all your daily essentials in miniature form for just €9.99. It includes deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, shower gel, toiletry and travel bag, and most importantly hairspray. We don’t do frizzy hair do we ladies!

Written by Laura Bermingham


Beyoncé Rise

bey riseI started using the new Beyoncé Rise fragrance at the weekend and although it wouldn’t be my first choice, it is surprisingly very nice! The main accords of the perfume are: Woody, floral, musky and fresh spice.

The fragrance notes are: Italian bergamot, golden apricot, iced basil sorbet, golden symphony orchid, freesia blossom, natural jasmine sambac, autumn woods accord, cashmere musk and vetiver extract.

The concept that lies behind the creation of this fragrance was inspired by Beyoncé’s on-stage persona. Beyoncé believes that “a women’s power comes from within and when a woman connects with her very essence, she reveals her individuality, her strength and her beauty”, so in order to convey this to the world at large Beyoncé was inspired to create this latest fragrance. The fragrance is supposedly more intimate and more natural than the previous ones.

The composition is announced as intoxicating, addictive and luminous floral. Its opening notes supposedly include apricot, Italian bergamot and iced basil sorbet. The main note of the perfume is, of course, orchid – Beyoncé’s favourite flower – this time it is an orchid called “Golden Symphony” known as the Queen of Orchids. This is mixed with freesia and sambac jasmine flowers and placed at the base of the autumn woods, cashmere, musk and vetiver. The use of the golden symphony orchid and the golden apricot are what allows for the golden colour of the fragrance. For Beyoncé, the colour gold symbolises; luminosity, optimism and strength.

Initially the perfume is really strong and sweet but after a while the woody notes come to the fore which totally changes the dynamic altogether. The dominant notes for me though were the freesia blossom and the ice basil; I imagined that the golden symphony orchid and jasmine notes would have been the more dominant scents.

As it dries and you wear it more, the Italian bergamot starts to take shape, paving the way for the woody notes mixing well with the vetiver extract and cashmere musk. These get along very nicely with the basil and freesia tag team that overpowered the orchid.
The perfume lasts a considerable amount of time! I could still smell it 10 hours later; the longevity of any fragrance though largely depends on a person’s skin type, so this time frame could be longer or shorter for everyone. A small amount is all that is needed as it is very overpowering; it does however become softer after an hour or so.

The gold theme is also featured in the design of the bottle. The gold juice is encased in a tall, elegant glass bottle that emulates the trajectory of Beyoncé’s ability, and will, to rise above it all. The bottle cap’s structural cluster of golden crystals ascends higher, exuding strength and fortitude. These in turn capture Beyoncé’s resilient spirit and graceful femininity.

Rise is something more original and least expected from a celebrity fragrance. In comparison to Beyoncé’s other fragrances this one is definitely more natural…I probably wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s more intimate though!

Beyoncé Rise is now available in LloydsPharmacys nationwide. Click Here to find your local LloydsPharmacy.

Written by Tara