Quitters’ Update Tuesday: Week 3

Hi again everyone.  Naomi here with our first update of Week 3!  I can’t tell you how weird it feels to be typing as a non-smoker for 3 whole weeks.  This blog has been a huge help I must say.  And having all eyes in our office on me is handy too!

alan cBefore we hear how Alison has been getting on since last week, I wanted to talk about an amazing training session I attended with 50 of my colleagues yesterday. Dr Alan Curley PhD is an expert in addiction services and smoking cessation from Scotland.

Alan set up the NHS Stop Smoking Service in Scotland many years ago and has been working with sufferers of all types of addiction throughout his career.  I was delighted to be able to attend his session on Motivational Influencing and Stop Smoking with my pharmacy colleagues.

We heard so many interesting and useful stories and strategies in motivation, addiction types, the best ways to support our patients and the various types of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) products that work best for different types of smoker. Alan also showed us so many statistics about success rates in breaking nicotine addiction based on his work and research over the years.  One point in particular really stuck with me.

Alan spoke about his experience with using NRT products versus cold turkey, telling us that people are TWICE as likely to be successful by using NRT to help them quit.  AND, if you combine that with 1-2-1 support (such as what you would get by using our Smoking Control Service), they become FOUR times more likely to be successful.  Why wouldn’t you make it easier on yourself looking at those figures?  Check out one if the slides he showed us below.  With NRT, 1-2-1 coaching AND group coaching, patients have a 71% chance of quitting successfully.

Check out http://www.quit.ie/en/inner/effective_support_methods#group for more details on what group support is available in your area.


It really was a very enjoyable and thoroughly interesting lecture.  We best check in on Alison!

Alison, Manager LloydsPharmacy Raheny, Aged 31

Still Smoke-free?  Yes!

‘Hi again everyone!


alison cropWell I’m still off them… it’s getting a lot easier. I’m feeling very optimistic so decided to buy four weeks supply of patches! I was looking at how much I would have spent on cigarettes if I had still been smoking and its almost 150 euro! And that’s only two weeks supply!

I haven’t noticed myself eating more but I did weight myself and I’ve put on a few pounds but nothing major….my lunchtime walks must be helping…or not!!

I have a very annoying cough at the moment as well which weirdly enough if I was smoking I know I wouldn’t have! Also the patches can interfere with sleeping at night so I do look a bit rough in the mornings (my partner is happy to put up with it because apparently I don’t smell like an ashtray anymore!!!) but I’m afraid to take the patch off at bedtime because it’s worked so far!!

Everyone is so supportive and my family keep telling me how proud they are of me and that’s a huge help!

Only eight more weeks of patches and then I’ll be smoke and nicotine free forever!!

Hope everyone else is still doing great!


Well done and thanks Alison!

Not a bad way to start the week, eh?  Personally, I am not as lucky as Alison and am finding myself very, very hungry!  Lots of water and chewing gum is helping me manage that.

Please, please keep the feedback coming folks; it’s so motivating.  Thanks to everyone who is sharing stories with us too.  We’re back on Thursday with an update from David.  See you soon J