Revive Active 10 Weeks to Feeling 10 Years Younger: Week 10

Today marks the end of my Revive Active 10 weeks to Feeling 10 Years Younger Challenge, and I can not recommend it enough!

This winter has been very challenging in work and Revive Active has definitely given me the boost of energy I needed. At the beginning of the challenge I was very sceptical about Revive Active but I’m so glad I took the challenge and proved myself wrong.

Revive Active 30 Day Pack – €69.95

Revive Active 30 Day Pack – €69.95

My skin is glowing, my hair and nails are strong and healthy looking, and I’m in great humor all the time.Winter time is generally a time when I would find it harder to cook,not a problem at all,I’m always prepared.I’m definitely going to continue taking both the Revive Active and the Krill Oil.

I mentioned in my first blog that I had thread veins on my legs and they are no were near as visible!

From seeing the amazing results I got from Revive Active, I am now thinking of trying their Joint Complex.

I’ve started to do kettle-bells and it puts pressure initially your joints, Revive Active Joint Complex reduces inflammation which would hinder a work out, so hopefully the Revive Active Joint Complex will help with this. I have tasted it and like the Revive Active its best served, in my opinion, with cordial or coconut milk.

Written by Michelle