Autumn Makeup: Top Four Trends

New season, new beauty at LloydsPharmacy! Autumn’s new makeup is the most exciting of the year, and usually the most wearable with great palettes, lip colours and trends.

What are the top 4 looks we should take tips from this season?

Smoky Eye: It’s back again, the eye look we all love and it couldn’t be simpler to get perfectly smoky eyes than with the clever new palettes from Clarins. Day and Night are two 5-piece eye palettes in lighter or darker shades to suit your individual colouring. Each can create a number of different looks from quite sheer to deeply smoky, choose your favourite, €38.


Liner: Seen on so many catwalks for Autumn/Winter great liner is a standout trend for the season. Be clever, throw on your heels and head straight for the Shimmer Strips Eyeliners from Physicians Formula. These genius liners come in packs of three, each pack designed for a specific eye colour, blue, green, brown or hazel. Every pack contains black but the other two shades are used to enhance the eye colour and make it pop. Perfect lining every time, €16.90 per pack.


Blush: A welcome diversion from the contouring trend, blush is back this season, and it’s a trend for every age because it’s really youthful. Keep it high on the cheeks and use the first three fingertips to apply gently for a sheer, even pop of colour. It can work with a little shading beneath the cheekbones for better definition, the finished look should be natural. Max Factor’s Miracle Touch is a cream blush, far easier to control and apply than a powder, €10.79.


Red Lip: For an instant updated look why not try a simple red lip and quite neutral makeup for the rest of the face? This season’s perfect red is matte or satin, long wearing and as bright as you dare to wear. Ultimate Stay in Behind The Red from Catrice is a top buy at just €4.49. Hours of endless colour, a great matte finish, it’s a red that turns heads.


Ready for the new beauty season? You bet we are!

Written by Laura Bermingham

Laura Loves: How A Colour Wheel Can Transform Your Eye Makeup

Laura BLove celeb style and want to add a little of it into your own routine? Let’s take a look at some of the A-Listers we all love, in particular their eyes, and using the principles of a colour wheel see how they highlight their eye colour.

A colour wheel for choosing makeup is quite simple, look to your eye colour and at the 2-3 shades opposite it on the wheel. Whether your eyes are blue, green or hazel there are alternative colour groups, how strong you reflect the colour guide is up to you but the wheel could point you in the direction of new shades.

Colour Wheel- Top of Feature

Let’s check out our celeb inspirations….

Scarlett Johansson – Blue Eyes

Scarlett Johansson- Physician's FormulaRust, orange, peach and coral shades are opposite to blue on the colour wheel and in an instant can make this eye colour really stand out. They are warm shades which emphasises the coolness of blue, try the colour with just mascara to finish or add a touch of charcoal eye liner on the upper lash line.

Star Buy – Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, Blush and Eyeshadow, €16.90. This palette is designed for face, eyes and highlighting. Blend together to add sheen, or pick out single shades to make your blue eyes “pop”

Kristen Stewart – Green Eyes

Kristen Stewart- ClarinsEven though red is opposite green on the colour chart not too many people have really strong green eye colour like Kristen Stewart has to pull it off, and she wears the shade quite a lot. So lighter green eyes should swerve more into purple shades. Getting the right shade to suit your own green eye colour can take a little research, but there is a red or purple for you, whether that’s aubergine, violet or a brick red.

Top Buy- Clarins Mono Eye Shadow #12 is a great green-eyed shade of aubergine, try it, €19.50.

Keira Knightley – Brown Eyes

Keira Knightley is our brown eyed girl and while she has beautifully shaped eyes, with subtle changes in her staple bronze/tan look manages to make her eyes look lighter or darker than they actually are. Brown isn’t on the colour wheel but it’s an eye colour that can play around with any shade on the wheel, but deep metals, brown and black can create a super smoky eye.

If you have brown eyes like Keira this lends itself to any number of looks. Want to change it up then add black or brown liner on the inner rim of the eyes.

Smoke It Up With- Fuschia’s Eye Dust Pigment in Sultry (€12.95) and line away with the Ultimate Eyeliner in Black, €14.95.

All products listed available online or from select LloydsPharmacy stores nationwide.

Written by Laura Bermingham