Laura Loves: Treats for Hands & Feet

Caring for the hands and feet is important in colder months when our feet are wrapped up in cosy boots and our hands bear the brunt of the chill outside. So, how do we keep the skin soft and comfortable as well as protected and looking good for when summer comes along?

The regime is not dissimilar to how you care for the face; smooth skin means no dead skin cells, comfort comes from good hydration, and protection from great UV filters.

To start with, exfoliation. Here the products differ between hands and feet. If you moisturise regularly (1-2 times daily) you should only need to exfoliate the hands every now and then. For this a face scrub is suitable because it will be gentle and not irritating to this thin area of skin, use what you have in your beauty bag when needed.10114310In the long run the best investment you can make in hand care is using sun protection to prevent age spots in later life. Moisture + protection is ideal, everyday use a hand lotion to keep skin soft and nails strong. Nivea’s Hand Age Defying Cream Q10 Plus is a fantastic restorative hand cream with protection, it contains UV filters and intense moisture, €2.02.10005610For night time, you don’t need any protection, so it’s a good time to indulge in a super strength hand cream. Neutrogena’s Concentrated Hand Cream is more like a balm, expect totally restored hands overnight, was €5.70, now €3. Apply every night, and if you spend a lot of time outdoors pop on a layer once you get home.

For the feet more intense exfoliation and moisturising is necessary to keep them soft and looking great.uploadArticlesuperClient4051880_SCHOLL_VELVET_SMOOTH_EXPRESS_PEDIw750h750exactInstant removal of rough, hardened skin is simple with a device like Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, the spinning roller attached buffs skin smooth on the heels and calluses. The regular price of €49.99 is reduced this month to €24.99 at LloydsPharmacy.10145354Alternatively, pop on a pair of Footner Exfoliating Socks (€19.95) that lift away all dead skin overnight, leaving super soft skin in the morning.

41vCz6Xzp6L._SY300_Now that the skin is exfoliated, it’s time to step up the moisture levels. If extra dry heels are a problem try Flexitol Heel Balm, €8. In just 3 nights the balm reverses dry heels with super strength moisture from 25% urea. Use regularly, or as needed when heels get dry. When the skin is smooth again try this little luxurious treat before bed. Take a nourishing oil blend, like Garnier’s Ultimate Beauty Oil which combines Argan, macadamia, almond and rose oils, €7.79. Smooth a little oil into the hands, feet and legs and allow to absorb and hydrate while you sleep. Bliss!

Garnier_Body_Ultimate_Beauty_Oil_150ml_1366982167Written by Laura Bermingham.