Karora: A new style of tanning!

karoralEach product in the new Karora Swimwear Collection is designed to meet different skincare & tanning needs;  from the instant Glow Glamster, the quick Express Bronzing Mousse, the gradual Golden Girl tan and the hero product of the collection, (which has been getting rave reviews), the Karora CC Cream.

Having seen many adverts of late, I decided to try out the Karora Self Tanning range and in particular the Bronzed Bombshell Tinted Self Tan Mist.

I wanted to try this as I love a dark tan and the more convenient, the better!

I was really impressed with the Bronzed Bombshell Self Tanning Mist which went on smoothly and instantly gave my skin a healthy glow. This developed overnight into a deep (and most importantly – even!) tan. I found the tan so easy to apply and it had a wonderful citrusy smell on application which was an added plus!

I would definitely recommend this product to any self tan worshippers because the tan was so easy to apply, it had a great smell and it faded evenly after showering; all of which equals to self – tan heaven!

Written by Ruth